Author of the Henry the Hound Books

The first time I met Henry I was surprised at how active this hound dog was. I had the idea that hounds were a bit lazy and slept most of the time. But quite to the contrary this was not the case. He was full of vim, vigor and vitality. He never stopped moving. He never stopped slobbering. And he never stopped giving people a story to share. As soon as I entered his house I was greeted by Henry’s leap of joy which nearly sent me tumbling like a strike in the game of bowling. Henry covered me in slobber and howling, oh the howling. Henry was a force to be reckoned with indeed. And written about.

Olivia, Henry’s pet parent, keeps me updated on Henry’s latest escapades. I thought someone should write these events down and share them with the family. Eventually, I decided that someone would be me and I put pen to paper on a flight home from Maui. I wrote 5 stories on that plane and many more have come to mind since. Perhaps one day you’ll see a whole series of narratives about Henry the Hound. I hope the future holds many more adventures for Henry. Just because I love writing about him.


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